In this post you’ll learn exactly how you can set up your Squeeze Page on your band website so that your fan email list system will collect the emails of your potential fans as effectively as possible (and on autopilot, 24 hours a day).

In the video below we walk you through setting up your Squeeze Page and connecting it up to your new Aweber account so that you can start collecting emails for your fan email list.

You’ll learn one simple method of building your Squeeze Page using a piece of software from SeedProd.

This is a tool called a Plugin that works in your new WordPress band website and, after testing many methods, we think this is the easiest, cheapest and quickest way for those new to using WordPress.

There are many other ways to do this and you can learn more as your skills develop in using WordPress, but, take it from us, this is a great way to start and get up and running - and, the pages it builds also look great!

One other advantage of SeedProd is that it can easily be set as a ‘holding page’ or ‘coming soon page’ collecting fan emails for you while you work on your band website design behind a fixed Squeeze Page.


​Now would be a good time to download the checklist of all the steps so that you’ve got that to hand as you go through the whole band website build process.



So, if you’ve watched the video above, you have all the information you need to get your Squeeze Page up and running.

When you're ready to set up your Squeeze Page, buy the SeedProd Plugin, and simply follow the steps in the video above.

We’re now going to highlight the main steps in setting up your musician Squeeze Page.

What Do You Need?

Since the building of your Squeeze Page goes hand in hand with setting up your fan email list, we’ll recap what you need to do both jobs. For the full details on setting up your fan email list system go over the steps in this post.

To set up your fan email capture and Squeeze Page, you’re going to need:

​1. An Aweber account (see previous post)

2. The SeedProd Plugin

3. ​A credit card or Paypal account

4. An hour or so

​You’ll also need  some of your recorded tracks to make a download package offer and some suitable photos or artwork to use on your Squeeze Page.

What Does It Cost?

In the post on how to set up your Aweber mailing list we explained the costing of Aweber.

In brief, your Aweber account is going to cost you $19 per month until you have more than 500 fans.

The SeedProd Coming Soon Pro plugin is a one-off purchase and costs $29 for the basic version, which is all you’ll need.

So, setting up this whole email capture system with your Squeeze Page is going to cost you $29 for the first month and then $19 each month going forward.

The time cost of building your Squeeze Page is going to be higher than when setting up your Aweber account. It’s just going to take a little longer as there’s more to do!

This is primarily because you’ll need to put together your ‘exclusive’ download package, build the other pages you need for the email capture process and you have to design your Squeeze Page.

Since SeedProd enables simple design with almost limitless variation for your musician Squeeze Page, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself tinkering for a while.

No matter, since the results will be professional and effective, so it’s worth taking a moment to make your Squeeze Page look as good as possible which will help to make it as effective as it can be.

Nonetheless, the whole process (including the Aweber email list set up and the building of your Squeeze Page) can easily be done in about an hour.

Setting Up Your Musician Squeeze Page

As we covered in the previous post, your email capture system relies on making a compelling offer to potential fans on a Squeeze Page, where they sign up, are sent to a Thank You Page that asks them to check their email, confirm by clicking in that confirmation email and are then sent to a Success Page (also called a confirmation page or download page) where they get whatever it was you offered and are added to your fan email list.

In the diagram below you can see how that process works, but go back and read that post if you haven’t got this concept thoroughly understood. It’s critical to your future success.

fan email sign up process

So, in fact, when we talk about building your musician Squeeze Page, you will actually have to build the Squeeze Page itself, the Thank You Page and the Success Page.

Depending on the system that you use to do that in your WordPress band website you may find yourself creating three pages in your website and connecting them with your email list software in a variety of ways.

However, using the SeedProd plugin, as you’ll have seen in the video above, the Squeeze Page and the Thank You Page are built within the plugin and automatically displayed by the plugin on your website and then you build a very basic Success Page in your WordPress site where your fans get their exclusive package.

This makes the process easier to complete for a first time website builder yet still allows you to create a great looking Squeeze Page.

The Plugin also enables you to build out your Squeeze Page and have it up and running as a holding page or ‘coming soon’ page whilst you work behind the scenes to build your full band website.

Using this particular tool you can therefore get your entire fan email capture system up and running within hours of buying your domain name and without having to build the entire website at this stage.

Before you walk through those steps let’s look at what your Squeeze Page should look like.

Designing Your Musician Squeeze Page

In the other posts in this series on building your band website you’ve learnt that a musician Squeeze Page or ‘landing page’ is a page that is dedicated to the job of getting a visitor to sign up to your fan email list.

That is the sole purpose of your Squeeze Page.

Key Elements Of A Musician Squeeze Page

In order to have that focus your Squeeze Page needs several key elements.

The basic idea is that your musician Squeeze Page should offer something that a potential fan would want and it should ask them to take up this offer in a clear ‘Call to Action’, without any other distractions on the page.

Your ‘Call to Action’ is just a few words that make it clear what you want your visitor to do, and what the benefit is to them.

You might simply have a bare call to action or you might put your call to action as the words in your sign up form button with more detail in a call to action oriented headline.

The key is to keep things simple and focused on the action you want your potential fan to make. Remove anything that gives a visitor another option!

simple musician squeeze page

So, in the simplified musician Squeeze Page layout above, your ‘Call to Action’ might just be, ‘Download our 10 track Folk album for free now’.

Whereas if you choose to do a more descriptive headline with a call to action within it you might try something like, ‘If you’re looking for an undiscovered gem of Americana Folk to rival Dylan and Earle with a dash of Fleet Foxes lyrical insight, then download our 10 track album for free now.’

using social proof on your musician squeeze page

This can be amped up a notch by adding something about this being a limited time offer - so perhaps you add at the end ‘...before we run out!’ or something similar.

Whichever way you choose, you should test them over time and look to tweak what you’ve started with rather than seeing it as a definitive call to action to keep forever.

Testing what works on a website is a world you can delve into as you develop this way of marketing your music but for a quick bit of insight you might want to read this.

The thing to know is that you can drastically improve the percentage of people that sign up on your Squeeze Page by slow and steady testing and improvement of your design.

TIP:   You should always be testing and tweaking your Squeeze Page to improve conversions. You can and should also test different types of exclusive offer and see which performs best. This might be testing a ‘free plus shipping’ CD offer against a download package or perhaps testing dripping one track of a package per day using your auto-responder rather than offering your whole exclusive package in one download.

It’s also worth thinking about testing different Squeeze Pages for different offers and different types of traffic. For example, we’ve found that the simplified Squeeze Page layout often works well with ‘warm traffic’ - people who have previously heard your music or visited your website.

The key thing is that you can improve the conversion rate of fan sign ups on your Squeeze Page by testing and improvement - don’t just design it once and leave it!

Clearly, another element is that you need to make it clear what your offer is, and we usually do this with an image of a packshot for the music you’re offering, but it should also be contained within your headline call to action - as in the two folk examples above.

A strong image will work wonders on your Squeeze Page. Try using an image of your band or a packshot and see which works best. SeedProd allows you to have a background and foreground image so you can have the best of both worlds.

Your sign up form itself is critical to the success of your Squeeze Page.

We recommend that you only ask for first name and email. This allows you to personalise your emails but we also find that asking for more information (such as country or zipcode) reduces the number of sign ups.

Another critical thing to think about on your form is the wording of the call to action on the button.

We have found, after much practice, that positive calls to action work much better than submissive ones. So, that means, ‘Get Free music’, ‘Hear it Now’ or ‘Give me the music’ usually works much better than ‘Submit’ or ‘Sign up’ - think about it, who wants to submit to anything?!

We also find that genuine high quality reviews can really help encourage people to give your music a try.

Oddly these can just be from existing fans and that seems to work nearly as well as quotes from respected sources (established music magazines or blogs).

If you have great quotes about your music from any source, use them on a more detailed ‘Squeeze Page’ as ‘social proof’.

In the layout above for a Squeeze Page with social proof we’ve also shown an area where you can go into more detail about you, your band and music and write a paragraph or two of what we call ‘emotion led’ text.

This is a space where you can write in more detail about what your music is like, why people like it, comparisons to bands you know your potential fans love and some significant part of your story. The idea is to write in a way that will get an emotional reaction from the visitor.

You’re trying to push their buttons.

That layout also points out that you can repeat or add a variation of your Call to Action line at the bottom of the page - you can even add a second version of your sign-up form.

The other single most important factor in your Squeeze Page is that you remove all navigation, sidebars and footers so that the only possible exit option is for the visitor to either sign up or leave.

If you give a potential fan more than one option they might take the one you least prefer and what you want is solely to get them on to your mailing list!

That’s your primary aim and the job of the Squeeze Page, so ensure that the design focuses solely on that.

Have all these points in mind as you layout your first Squeeze Page.

What ‘Exclusive’ Package Should You Offer To Fans?

We looked at this in the previous post in this series where you set up your fan email list.

But, of course, it’s a critical part of making your Squeeze Page work, so it bears repeating.

In order for your ‘Call To Action’ to be compelling and effective you need to be offering something in your package that your potential fans will want - otherwise you’re not going to get them to sign up!

There’s little doubt that offering something that is truly ‘exclusive’ and that your fans cannot get elsewhere is effective, and possibly the thing that makes your offer as compelling as it can be.

But, we’re also strongly in favour of giving away a whole album yet still offering that same album for sale later in the autoresponder sequence that your fans will receive - and people will argue that isn’t exactly ‘exclusive’ or smart!

Make that kind of offer exclusive by adding in something that your fans couldn’t get anywhere else, such as a pdf of lyrics or the stories behind your songs. Or maybe you let your new fans have the demos as well. Or, if you’re making music that is right for remixing (dance music, but not just dance music) you might offer the stems.

Maybe there’s a video that you don’t put on YouTube (at least not public) which is you doing something related to the album - a mini-documentary you made while recording it or a ‘Q & A’ about the songs on it. You could upload this to YouTube and make it ‘Unlisted’ so that it's not public and just link to it in your welcome sequence.

You get the idea.

You just need to make a currently available release exclusive by adding something to it.

Here’s an example of a simplified squeeze page and an exclusive package that includes a rare radio interview and never before released demos as well as some hit tracks from this heritage artist.

hipsway squeeze page

And, will people still buy this thing you just gave them for free?

Hell, yeah - if you engage them with a properly written email sequence and make an offer at some point, you will make sales.

Every time we’ve done this, the artist has sold the same release that they gave away free. Often that’s as a physical release on CD, or as part of a package with a T-Shirt, or it’s a signed CD edition, but sometimes it’s just the same album as an mp3 download from Apple Music or direct from the artist website.

Everybody Just Streams Music Now, Don’t They?

I know that some people will argue that offering an album for download in these days of streaming is declining in its effectiveness.

I guess that could be right and can only become more true over time, but we’ve very rarely seen it.

Look at it this way.

Even if most people are streaming most of the music they already love, they will very often sign up for a download to check out something new, and that’s all the opening you need to let your music and your autoresponder do its thing.

And, of course, spicing up your offer of a download with a few exclusive add-ons should help with those that really have given up downloading anything.

If you test out your Squeeze Page and offer and it’s really not working then look to the design and copy on the Squeeze Page first and then start trying different offers.

If your music is good, there will be an offer that you can make work.

As a last resort we have employed discounts and other freebies as the compelling offer, but this has generally been with established heritage artists who have an existing fanbase that we’re simply connecting them with by building an email list.

It could work for you too but our preference is a good chunk of great music offered with a few extra goodies added in.

After all, this whole process is about driving discovery of your music so you need to get your potential new fan to actually hear it!

TIP:   ​Although the way we teach you to build the offer and download in this post is to zip up your package and let the fan download it one go, we’ve also had great success with offering a whole album for download and then sending it to the new fan using an autoresponder email sequence one track every day until they have the whole thing.

This has the added benefit of keeping them on tenterhooks every day (it’s what marketers call an ‘open loop’) as you tell them each day as a ‘P.S.’ to your emails to ‘look out for the next track tomorrow’ and that keeps them opening and listening for more than a week.

Often this means that if you make an offer to buy at the end of this series you’ll find a good chunk of those that have stuck with you will immediately buy.

Sending one track a day also allows you to write in detail about each track on each day, tell stories about you, your music and the creation of that one track and it also opens up the chance for your fans to hit reply and ask about each particular song - an interaction that you can encourage by asking for feedback in each of the emails you set up in your auto-responder.

Another upside is that this method generally reduces your unsubscribe rate as your fans know to expect an email every day until they have the whole album.

Lastly, this method also offers a way to get around the issues some people have downloading zip files and actually hearing your music - which is, of course, what you ultimately need them to do!

If you send a track a day you can attach it as an mp3 to the email, but you could equally send a link to a page on your band website where you have a simple static video for the track embedded from YouTube, a Soundcloud player or a WordPress hosted player, a Spotify embedded track player, plus a download link.

That way you’re giving your new fan the option of hearing your music in a way they are used to rather than having to deal with the download. But you also have a page they can visit each day where you can add whatever you like to tell them about the music they are listening to and deepening your engagement with them.

This method doesn’t work for everyone and we’d always suggest that you start with a simple download package (as it’s easier and less work to set up and, at first, you just need a system in place!), but as you get more practiced at using this strategy you can try it and test it against the standard method that you’re about to build following along with this post.

Don’t forget that although streaming is undoubtedly going to win the music sales battle in time, it is still astonishing how many people still download music and even more, how many still buy physical CDs and vinyl.

So, offering a download package is far from dead yet!

And, especially if you make a genre of music that appeals to an older demographic. this continued interest in physical music is going to be very important as you offer your music for sale to your new superfan fanbase.

streaming versus physical music sales

Make A Zip File Of Your Exclusive Package

Once you’ve decided on your exclusive package, zip it all up.

That’s most likely to be the mp3 files that make up your album (or EP or whatever), some sleeve artwork, and maybe a ‘read me’ file (perhaps a few lines of advice that helps people unzip the file or tells them a bit more about what’s in the download package).

Note that it’s really important to get each of your audio files properly tagged with metadata. I’m not going to go into that here but my favourite article on this can be found here. It’s quite old but the information remains accurate.

I’m not going to tell you how much you can annoy a brand new fan if you make it any more difficult than necessary for them to open your music files, find them on their device and actually play them to hear your music.

Tagging them properly really helps with that!

Of course, if you’re heeding the advice to make your package ‘exclusive’ then you’ll need to add your other files or a text file with links to unlisted YouTube videos or whatever and make sure all that goes in to your zip file.

You’ll come back to what to do with your zipped package later in this post when you build the Success Page on your website.

If you have them, also pull together your band logo and any band photos or artwork you have as you’ll be able to use those when you build your Squeeze Page.

If you haven’t got any images go and find some stock images that fit with your music and genre from a free stock photo source such as Unsplash.

Photos of you or your band that reflect the genre you’re in and appealing to are much the best though - obviously!

Now you have those elements at hand, let’s get on and build your Squeeze Page.

Set Up Your SeedProd Coming Soon Pro Plugin

The first step is to go and buy the SeedProd Plugin.

We’re suggesting that you use SeedProd to build your first musician Squeeze Page as it’s the cheapest and easiest way we’ve come across to build a great looking Squeeze Page for people who are brand new to using WordPress or building a website.

As we said above there are a lot of other ways that you can build your Squeeze Page and connect it to your email list software but this method works very well and you’ll probably stick with it for a long time.

Crucially, it is very quick to do and you’re going to get great results first time.

And, it integrates seamlessly with your new Aweber account without any coding.

Click on the button below to go to the SeedProd website and purchase the Plugin.

Click through on the button that says ‘See Pricing’ and choose the Personal License.

You only need the personal license at $29 if you’re only going to use it on one website and you can pay with a credit card or Paypal.

Just click ‘Buy Now’ and follow the checkout procedure through.

When you’re done you’ll get to a download page where you can download the SeedProd plugin to your computer and where you’ll be given the license key to activate it.

seedprod download page

As we’ve been saying throughout this series of posts, it’s a good idea to copy that key and paste it into your master text document with all your band website logins and so on.

Install And Activate Your SeedProd Plugin

Login to the WordPress Dashboard of your newly built band website and look for the ‘Plugins’ section in the left hand menu.

From the pop-out menu, select ‘Add New’ and click through.

plugin install on bad website

On the next screen, simply click ‘Upload Plugin’, browse to where you downloaded the SeedProd zip file (probably your desktop or Downloads folder!) select the zip file and simply click ‘Install Now’.

You usually upload plugins to your website Dashboard as a zip file and WordPress unzips them for you - you don’t need to unzip them first.

upload plugin to band website

​On the next screen, just click ‘Activate Plugin’ and your band website will now have this very flexible Squeeze Page builder tool ready to use.

activate seedprod plugin

As soon as you’ve clicked ‘Activate Plugin’ you’ll be taken to a SeedProd ‘Coming Soon Page Pro’ area within the WordPress dashboard of your band website.

You’ll also see that there is now a ‘Coming Soon Pro’ section that you can reach through the left hand menu of your Dashboard and also via a ‘Go to the Settings Page’ button lower down the screen.

On this page you need to paste in your license key and click ‘Check License’.

If your license key is valid you’ll see, ‘You have a valid license’ appear under the license key box.

activate seedprod license

Next, go to the SeedProd Settings page by clicking ‘Coming Soon Pro’ in the left hand menu.

On this screen you’ll ‘enable Coming Soon Mode’.

Click the bullet point next to ‘Enable Coming Soon Mode’ and then ‘Save Settings’.

​EXPLANATION:   ​​The SeedProd Coming Soon Pro Plugin is primarily intended to put a holding page or ‘Coming Soon’ page on the front of your website at the root domain - your home page. That means that anyone trying to reach any page on your website would be directed to the home page, and, as long as you have ‘Coming Soon Mode’ enabled, they will see the Squeeze Page that you’re about to build as your home page.

​As we’ve said before, this allows you to build out your website design behind a great Squeeze Page that is collecting emails of your fans as you get your site ready. Only you can see the other pages and posts that you’re building whilst you’re logged in to your band website WordPress Dashboard.

But...the reason we love this system for first time WordPress users is that you can then flip Coming Soon Pro to operate on any single page you decide (which, as you’ll see, will probably be.../freemusic/) when you are ready to open your fully designed and ready band website.

Of course, if you’re ready to have your website open immediately (and you can choose to do that and build out the pages whilst it is all open and accessible to any visitor) then you can set SeedProd to do that as well.

You’ll see that option at the end of this post.

Now you’re ready to build your musician Squeeze Page using the very flexible design tools inside Coming Soon Pro.

Click ‘Edit Coming Soon/Maintenance Page’

edit seedprod page

Build Your Musician Squeeze Page

On the first screen of the Edit section you’ll be presented with a range of themes for your Squeeze Page (these are not WordPress website themes but are themes solely for your Squeeze Page).

These are shown to give you an idea of what your layout can look like and a design to start from.

The reality is that Coming Soon Pro gives you a very high degree of flexibility when it comes to designing and building your musician Squeeze Page so you’re just looking to pick a theme as a jumping off point.

Don’t worry that all of the themes have a countdown timer on them. That’s a great feature of this tool for use when you’re counting down to a date and time when your website will open, and you can use it if you like, but in the example we’re about to build we’re going to do without. You can choose any of the themes as when you click through it begins at a basic layout without the countdown in place.

To follow along with the example you’ll select the template highlighted in the image below but you can equally start with any of the templates.

choose seedprod theme

Just click on the theme you decide to work with and you’ll be taken through to a further screen within Coming Soon Pro - which is the main ‘editor’ screen where you’ll see another whole new menu on the left hand side. This is where everything that you do with Coming Soon Pro is controlled.

The editor is reasonably intuitive to use and all the changes you make are real time so youre building what you see.

This means that you are unlikely to make any kind of major mistake and can always go back a step if needs be.

edit screen coming soon pro

You can walk through the process of designing your artist Squeeze Page below but we also highly recommend that you dig around in the left hand edit menu and see what the Coming Soon editor is capable of building rather than just following our design slavishly.

It is really very powerful and you’ll easily be able to build something that looks great.

We especially like that you can toggle between ‘Desktop’ and ‘Mobile’ to see exactly what your Squeeze Page will look like in both formats.

Making sure that your Squeeze Page and fan capture email system work properly on mobile is an essential in today’s smartphone obsessed world.

squeeze page on mobile

Adding A Band Image To Your Squeeze Page

As we said, the Coming Soon Pro editor page that you’re now looking at has a full menu on the left hand side that controls everything you can do with this plugin.

Start by changing the background image for an image of your band, or an image that will resonate with the fans of your genre, or some relevant band or sleeve artwork.

Select ‘Background Settings’ and then ‘Choose Image’. This will take you to the Media Gallery of your WordPress site as a first choice since you may have some images of your band already uploaded to your site.

add band photo to coming soon pro page

In your case, if you’ve been following along, you won’t have, so click ‘Upload Files’ and then ‘Select Files’ to navigate to the location on your computer where the images you want to use are saved.

Click on the image file you’re going to use and click ‘Insert into post’ on the bottom right and you’ll go back to the Coming Soon Pro editor page and you’ll see your band image appear as the background image.

As you’ll have seen in the tutorial video above, there’s a huge number of layout options that you can try, including, for example, a video background. If you want to try that, click the slider titled ‘Background Video’ and then you’ll need to add the URL of the video you want to use.

We’ve found when using video backgrounds it’s best to edit a short video that loops and looks great all the way through (say 15 or 20 seconds) and upload that as ‘Unlisted’ on YouTube and use that URL.

That generally works better than a full length video you already have on your YouTube channel as you can better control how it looks on your Squeeze Page.

Everything you need to do in this editor section is that simple.

Let’s push on!

Building The Elements Of Your Squeeze Page

Adding Your Band Logo:

The next thing that you’ll want to do is add the headline, call to action text and perhaps a logo if you have one to hand.

In the SeedProd Coming Soon Pro editor, all these changes are made in the ‘Content’ tab in the left hand menu and the process for adding content is very simple.

To add your band logo, simply click ‘Choose Image’ under the ‘Logo’ heading  and follow the same steps as you did when adding your Squeeze Page background image.

logo on squeeze page

Adding Headline and Description:

Still in the ‘Content’ tab area, you’ll want to edit the text on your Squeeze Page.

The ‘Description’ area on your Squeeze Page is where you can add as much or as little text as you want.

As we said at the start of this post, you might choose to build a simple Squeeze Page with just a simple call to action or you might go for something with more text that includes a description of your music and a few quotes you’ve received.

Either way, click on the ‘Description’ heading and type or paste in your main block of text here. This can be broken up into paragraphs and you can use bold and italics to make different parts stand out, such as a great quote.

You’ll find that the standard WordPress text editor is used within Coming Soon Pro to allow you to do this. Simply make changes in the text block and you’ll see in the right hand part of the screen how they look on your Squeeze Page as you build it out.

Once you’re happy with the main Description text you’ll also need to type your headline in the relevant ‘Headline’ section. Remember to make this a strong call to action.

Once you’ve added your Description and Headline, click ‘Save’.

add call to action

So far you’re only scratching the surface of what Coming Soon Pro can do.

Order Sections of Squeeze Page:

You’re not stuck with the elements that make up your Squeeze Page being laid out in any specific order down the page.

If you scroll down the left hand menu to the section titled ‘Sections Order’ you can drag and drop the elements around the vertical layout so that, for example, you can move your Description to the top and have your larger bold Headline just above your email sign up form.

As we said, it pays to keep testing your Squeeze Page and see what makes the most conversions, so playing around with these elements from a design and a conversion point of view is well worth your time and effort.

design sections of squeeze page

Designing the Content Container:

The ‘Content Container’ is the area on your Squeeze Page where all the elements (other than your background image) that you add sit within.

The ‘Content Container’ tab in the left hand menu presents you with a variety of options to add further design elements to that area.

Probably the most useful of these is that you can choose to have the Content Container fully transparent so that your text and logo all sit clearly on your background or you can click the slider under ‘Container Transparent’ and have the entire area sit on a background area.

You can then set the colour and depth of transparency of that area. This helps when you want to make your text stand out more clearly against the background image you’ve chosen. The colour and transparency is infinitely adjustable so that you can get the design that you’re after.

Often you’ll be able to leave the ‘Container Transparent’, but when you need this option it’s very useful!

Also in this section you have the ability to position the content container in different parts of the screen. We usually opt for and recommend ‘Center Center’ but you can try positioning it in different parts of the screen, especially if your background image works well with the content area positioned to the side.

squeeze page content container

Lastly, this section offers the option of adding animations to the content area so that they can ‘fly in’ to the screen. Again, we usually don’t bother with these, but they can be useful for attracting the attention of your visitor and you may find with testing that adding an animation increases your fan sign ups.

If you’re going to use them, our advice would be to go with the subtle ‘bounce’ or ‘fadein’ with a small amount of movement rather than the full scale ‘rotateIn’. These animations are definitely a case of ‘less is more’!

When you’ve finished trying out these elements, remember to flick to ‘Mobile’ to check what your design now looks like on mobile as well as on desktop.

Additional Design Elements on your Squeeze Page:

Coming Soon Pro offers further design options, depending on the theme you’ve chosen.

In ‘Typography’, there’s a whole heap of paired font choices that are already set up to look good together and will change your fonts choices in the Headline, Description and Buttons.

There’s then further specific elements that can be changed as to colour, weight and style.

In ‘Element Colors’ you can set the colour of the email sign up form fields - but this should always be white in our opinion.

In some of the themes you can also set the colour of the submit button.

Often you’ll find that red, yellow and orange give a better conversion rate than other colours for the actual button itself, and note again that something like ‘Give me the music’ is better than ‘Submit’!

Don’t worry about the actual sign up form and button text at the moment though - that bit comes when you deal with the email sign up form itself, which you’ll see later in this post.

As you’ll see shortly, Coming Soon Pro builds your ‘Thank You’ Page automatically. Two of the other options in the menu here are ‘Social Profiles’ and ‘Social Share Buttons’. We strongly advise against using these on your Squeeze Page (that whole ‘no distractions’ thing we’ve been going on about a lot!), but you may have good cause to use them on your Thank You Page.

Once people reach that page you might want them to check out your Facebook Page for instance, or to share it. Personally we don’t use them at this stage (although we do often list our social profiles on the Success page), as we are very into focusing attention of the visitor on that one action of signing up.

There are still more options you can try out and perhaps a Countdown timer if you’re giving away a limited number of physical CDs (a very strong but expensive sign up offer) would work well - so might be worth testing.

The key to spend some time trying things out and seeing what you think will work and then coming back and trying small changes as you get to grips with the process to see if you can improve your sign up rate.

As you may have seen towards the end of the video tutorial, there’s a whole heap of possible ways you can design your musician Squeeze Page using Coming Soon Pro, as these examples below show.

example of musician squeeze pages
an example of musician squeeze pages
another example of an musician squeeze page
the final example of a musician squeeze page

As you can see, there’s a lot of flexibility in the themes and you can use a video in the Squeeze Page itself (we’d suggest a ‘to camera’ short video explaining what your fans will get but a music video can work too), you can go for the simplified squeeze page that we’ve already talked about earlier, you can position a sleeve packshot to the side, or you can even run a video in the background.

The bottom line here is that the design options offered by this tool are many and varied and you should play around with it to see what you can make - we would love to see your designs!

Connect Your Musician Squeeze Page To Your Fan Mailing List

In order to make your beautifully designed and highly effective musician Squeeze Page do its job, you need to connect it to your fan email software.

You could have used a form generated by your email list software and dropped that into a page you built on your band website and so the emails you collect would go straight into your email list software.

That’s just one of the other ways that we said at the top of this post you could use to build your Squeeze Page, but then you wouldn’t get all this great design simplicity and extra functionality that SeedProd gives you.

If you’re using a tool like SeedProd to build your musician squeeze page, then you will almost always connect that to your email list software using what’s called an ‘API’, to get the emails you collect into your system.

‘API’ means ‘Application Programming Interface’ but all it means to you and us is that your email list software allows access to its database and functions through other software that can be connected to it (there’s a better description than that if you’re a geek, but all we need to know is that is what it does!).

So, next you’ll connect your SeedProd Coming Soon Pro Plugin to your email list software. (It’s worth noting that Coming Soon Pro can collect emails on its own and to its internal database, but that’s no use to you long term as it can’t send out automated emails and so on).

If you’re following along this entire process from the ‘Band Website’ series, you’ll be connecting your musician Squeeze Page to Aweber - your new email list software.

Click over to ‘Email Form Settings’ in the left hand menu and then when you click the heading ‘Save Subscribers To’ you’ll get a pop-up list of all the email list systems that work with SeedProd.

Click on ‘Aweber’ and then click the blue button, ‘Configure Aweber’.

connect Aweber to Squeeze Page

This takes you to an authorisation page within Coming Soon Pro where all you need to do is click ‘Authorize App’.

Note that the link on the top left that reads ‘Learn how to Configure’ takes you to the support section on SeedProd’s site that walks you through this in more detail if you need it (and generally all their support documents and videos are excellent).

Aweber API authorization

This will open a screen where you’ll need to login directly to your new Aweber account. This is so that you can authorize the two systems to talk to each other.

Fill in your Aweber login details and click ‘Allow Access’.

login to Aweber API

As soon as you’ve clicked, you’ll open a new screen in a new tab showing a page within your Aweber account where you’re told that you’ve successfully authorized your Coming Soon Pro Plugin with your Aweber account and you’re given a unique authorization code.

Click in the box and copy this code.

copy aweber authorization code

Go back to the previous tab (which should still be open) and paste in the code you just copied from Aweber.

Then click ‘Refresh Lists’ and your Coming Soon Pro plugin will connect to and collect all your account information from your Aweber account.

In a second or two you’ll see that it now displays the one and only master fan email list that you created in the the previous Aweber set up post so that you know you are connected to that list.

Click ‘Save and Continue Editing’ and you’ll be taken straight back to the main editor screen in Coming Soon Pro.

Aweber fan email list api access

Customize Your Aweber Form Settings On Your Squeeze Page

Click back to ‘Email Form Settings’ in the left hand menu.

You’ll see that, as before, the ‘Enable Form’ toggle switch is on. Now you’ll want to also toggle on ‘Display Name and ‘Require Name’.

The first is needed because your Aweber list settings when you set it up in the last tutorial on the fan email capture system were set to collect ‘First Name’ and ‘Email’ (we’ll change it to just first name in a moment).

The second toggle sets this form to force visitors to enter their name as well as their email - i.e. the form won’t work unless both are completed.

Once you’ve slid those two toggles on you’ll see that your form now shows an area for ‘Name’ as well as for ‘Email’.

add name field to aweber form

Next, you’ll just want to edit the text in your ‘submit’ button and the text in the ‘name’ field of your form.

Scroll down the left hand menu to ‘Customize Text’.

In this tab you’ll see clearly that you can edit the text that appears in those two locations.

As we said above, edit the name field so that it reads ‘First Name’, since that is how you’ve set up your Aweber main fan email list.

And, edit the submit (or in this case ‘Notify’) button to have a more positive tone - such as ‘Give me the music’.

edit text in sign up form fields

Click ‘Save’ at the top left and this part of the form editing is complete.

Create Your Musician Squeeze Page Thank You Page

As you learnt right at the start of this post, you need to direct your fans who’ve just completed the sign up form to a Thank You Page where they're told to check their email for a confirmation message.

If you aren’t using a tool like SeedProd Coming Soon Pro, you’d build a new page in your WordPress dashboard and, depending on how you set up your Aweber form, you would need to set the URL of your Thank You Page so that the fan journey flowed correctly after sign up.

Usually, that Thank You Page would be at or a similar URL (whatever you choose to set).

For example, if you used an email sign up form created completely in Aweber, you would set the Thank You Page URL in the form creation process within your Aweber account.

Just for the sake of clarity (and although you’re not using it in the process covered in this post) you would set your Thank You Page URL in your Aweber account in the section called ‘Sign Up Forms’ and on the second tab of that called ‘Settings’ as seen in the screenshot below.

set up aweber thank you page

In many tools that connect to your Aweber account (other Squeeze Page creation tools for example) that don’t require you to have any existing form in your Aweber account (just an existing list) you’d set the URL of your Thank You page in their internal tool settings.

It depends on what you use and is usually very clear.

However, in your case, using Coming Soon Pro, that Thank You Page is built for you automatically and you do not even set a separate URL because Coming Soon Pro simply displays the thank you message on the URL of your Squeeze Page after a fan submits the email sign up form.

Don’t worry about this at the moment - you’re just getting chapter and verse on how this works so that it makes sense to you as your knowledge grows.

For now, all you need to concern yourself with is how to make the Thank You Page work for now using Coming Soon Pro - and it’s very easy!

Go back to ‘Email Form Settings’ in the left hand menu and you’ll see that there is a field titled ‘Thank You Message’.

Simply type in or paste some text that explains to your newly signed up fan that they need to check their email.

As with the text boxes on your Squeeze Page, Coming Soon Pro allows you some freedom with layout as this is a standard WordPress text area.

This page will display automatically with no header, navigation or footer so you should provide a strong headline (usually in capitals) that tells your new fan to check their email.

Then add a few paragraphs that explain how they will need to check their email and click their confirmation message before they get to the exclusive package that they've signed up for.

We also often add a paragraph about checking their spam folder and junk mail.

Click ‘Save’ in the top left corner and that’s all there is to it.

coming soon pro thank you page

​​REMEMBER:   ​​​The number one job of your Thank You page is to make sure that the potential fan, who just filled in your sign up form on your Squeeze Page, actually checks their email and clicks on the confirmation link - that’s how they’ll actually get to discover and hear your music!

So, make what you put on this page count - be clear, concise and helpful.

Coming Soon Pro doesn’t provide a preview of your Thank You page but don’t worry as you’ll see how this looks when you test your entire sequence when it’s completed shortly.

The Thank You Page will though be displayed at the same URL as your Squeeze Page (after someone completes your fan email list sign up form) whether that is on the root domain of your website or a ‘free music’ page - but I’m jumping ahead!

That means that the font choices and images that you’ve used for the Squeeze Page will be carried over to your Thank You page so that the whole process looks seamless to your new fan.

You can see what the Thank You page we’re building in this example looks like below.

With that page built, the final piece of the system is the page where your new fan will receive the exclusive package you’ve promised them - a download page or Success Page.

Create Your Musician Squeeze Page Success Page

As we’ve noted before in this band website series, you might decide to offer an EP or album as a download (which is the process we’re walking you through here) or you might have decided to deliver an EP or album track by track in a series of follow up emails one by one or you might even send new sign up fans to a ‘members area’ where they can watch an exclusive video or similar.

Whichever method you use, this next stage will still be required.

When your newly signed up fan has submitted their email address in your sign up form on your Squeeze Page, they will see your Thank You Page telling them to check their email. Then...when they check their mail and click on the link in the email that your Aweber account has sent them automatically, they will be taken to your Success Page (all as set out in the diagram of this process at the start of this post).

In our example, your new fan will go to the Success Page and it will be a ‘download page’ where they can download the zip file of the exclusive package you’ve prepared - and you’ll see how that is done next.

But, if you opt for a different method of fulfilling your offer, your Success Page would simply need to explain what happens next.

For example, if you’re sending a track a day, your Success Page would just have some text telling your fan that the first track is on its way to their inbox. And, if you’re sending new fans to a members area or Access Page, you could just make your Success Page that page, with the video and other stuff on it. If you choose to go that route, you’ll be able to modify what we show you next to make those alternatives happen quite easily.

But, in most cases, you’ll probably opt for sending your potential new fans to a Success Page where they can download the exclusive package you offered them in one click.

And, although this next stage requires a lot of steps, it’s still very simple to do.

You’ve just used SeedProd Coming Soon Pro to create your Squeeze Page and Thank You Page, but it doesn’t create the Success Page as well.

Instead you’ll create a page in your WordPress band website from the WordPress Dashboard and use that as your Success Page, and then you’ll set the Coming Soon Pro Plugin to recognise your Success Page so that it is accessible even if you have the ‘coming soon’ function switched on.

It’s a lot easier than that might sound!

For the purposes of our example, and since you’re likely new to using WordPress at this stage, we’ll show you how to make the most simple Success Page. One that does the job you need it to but won’t be hard to set up.

Create Your Success Page In Your WordPress Dashboard

As we just said, since the SeedProd Plugin does not create the Success Page you need within its tool, you have to go back to the standard WordPress Dashboard for your band website and create a Page outside of the Coming Soon Pro tool.

To do that, you need to exit the Coming Soon Pro Edit screen by clicking ‘Back to Settings’ in the top left of the screen, which will take you to the main WordPress Dashboard of your band website.

wordpress dashboard on band website

In this next section, you’ll learn how to create a Page on your band website.

In this case it will be your Success Page for the email system we’re building out, but it could be any kind of page on your website. The method for creating a page is always the same - whether it’s for a discography, video page or whatever you want.

However, there’s one change that you need to make on any WordPress site before you start building any Pages or Posts - which is changing the way your band website uses the URL for any specific Page or Post.

Changing The Permalink Structure Of Your WordPress Website

The ‘Permalink’ settings of your band website in WordPress determine how the URL of every Page and Post on your website look and work.

By default, WordPress has the Permalink structure set to include a date format and what’s called a ‘Post iD’ - so all the posts and pages on our example site would look something like - - which is not a good choice for a whole host of reasons.

Mainly, the argument is that it’s better for search engines if your band website has more friendly URL’s, but even if that’s not the case it’s far better if they are easier to make sense of.

So, as you build out your band website you’re going to want to have the URL’s of various sections be obvious to visitors as well as the search engines - so that Pages will have URL’s that make sense such as or (where your Squeeze Page will eventually live).

In order to do that you need to change the Permalink structure of your band website in the WordPress Dashboard.

Luckily you’ve just navigated back to the main WordPress Dashboard and as you’re about to create your first Page now is the time to make this change.

In the left hand menu, scroll down to ‘Settings’ and in the pop-out menu click ‘Permalinks’

wordpress permalink change

On the next screen you’ll see a list of the available standard structures and one where you can create a custom permalink structure.

Don’t worry about this and take our advice!

Simple select the option that is called ‘Post Name’ and that will give you a URL permalink structure of

Click ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done.

wordpress permalink structure

All your future URL’s will now follow that simplified format.

As you’ll see this change has to be done before the next step as you’re about to grab a pre-defined URL that you set up previously in your Aweber account in the previous tutorial.

Design Your Success Page In Your WordPress Dashboard​

Go back to your Aweber account where you set up your fan email list.

If you’ve closed that account you need to navigate to the section under ‘List Options’ in the top menu, then ‘List Settings’ in that dropdown and then to the section on the left titled ‘Confirmation Message’.

At the bottom of this screen you’ll see the box where you previously set your ‘Confirmation success page’.

Grab the string of characters that you added after the homepage URL of your band website.

If you’ve been paying attention you might have copied this to your note document - if you did, full marks!

aweber success page

Now you can create your Page on your band website.

Simply go to the main menu on the left hand side of your WordPress Dashboard and click ‘Pages’ and then from the pop-out menu, click ‘Add new’.

wordpress add new page

You’ll open a new screen where you’ll be creating a new Page on your band website - in this case your Success Page.

Paste the part of the URL that you copied from your Aweber account into the box at the top for the Page title.

Click ‘Save draft’ on the right hand side and you’ll see after the page refreshes that you’ve created a draft Page with exactly the URL that you have set in your Aweber account as the Success Page.

wordpress new page URL

Obviously, it’s critical that the Success Page URL you have set in your Aweber account is exactly the same as the Success Page URL you actually build on your band website so that your new fan is sent to the right place to get their exclusive package after signing up to your fan email list!

Now you’ll make a very simple page and make the exclusive package download from the page when your new fan clicks on an image or a download button.

Firstly, add some text to the page that makes it very clear what your new fan needs to do to get to the download.

In the case of the example we’re going to add an image and make that function as the ‘button’ for them to click to start the download of the exclusive package.

So, simply add a line of text that tells your new fan that’s what they need to do.

In order to add text to any Page you’re creating, simply click on the main text area and start typing.

Note that you should check that you’re using ‘Visual’ mode rather than ‘Text’ mode when doing this. Visual mode displays just the content you’re creating where as text mode shows you code that controls positioning, bold, italics and URLs. Given that you’re new to using WordPress stick to using Visual mode unless you need to change any code.

It’s simple to flick between the two modes by clicking the tab for either at the top right of the content box.

So, just type in your instructions to your new fan to ’Click the image below to start download’.

Then you’ll need to add the image itself. A few steps later you’ll connect the zip file of your package to this image but first you need to get the image onto this page.

This process is very similar to that you’ve seen in the earlier post in this series where you looked at ‘Understanding WordPress for Musicians’ and uploaded images for a website header.

Click ‘Add Media’ and you’ll go to a page entitled ‘Insert Media’ where you can either ‘Upload Files’ or use one that’s already uploaded to your website by accessing ‘Media Library’.

exclusive package image

You can toggle between these two tabs but at this stage you’ll most likely need to upload a new image as you’ll only have a couple of images (if any!) in your Media Library.

Click the ‘Upload Files’ tab and then click the ‘Select File’ button in the middle of the screen.

choose image for download button

​This will open a window where you can look for the image on your computer. Simply select and click ‘Open’ to upload to your Media Library.

media library upload

You’ll be taken back to the ‘Insert Media’ screen and your image will now be visible on that screen as an asset in your media library.

I the case of our example we’ve used a packshot or sleeve image for the band we’re building the Success Page for. It’s a small square image  which is 300 pixels square, and this will work fine.

Equally, a larger more oblong image would work so you could have an image that had the sleeve image for the exclusive package and some text stating clearly that your new fan should click the image to begin the download.

Of course, an image of a button that just said ‘Click to Download’ could work just as well - and you can find plenty of those with a simple Google search.

I’m not advocating that you steal these but you can use them for inspiration….

Connect Your Download Image To Your Exclusive Package

Once your image is uploaded to the Media Library you’ll see that there’s a section on the right of the screen entitled ‘Attachment Details’.

This has some details about the image you’ve uploaded, but there’s a very important step here that you need to make sure you do!

In that section, scroll down a little to where it’s titled ‘Attachment Display Settings’, and here you’ll need to enter the URL of your website in the field under ‘Custom URL’.

So, in the case of our example we’ll enter ‘’ but you’ll enter your band website domain with the ‘http’ included.

Why are we doing this?

Well, adding that URL under where it says ‘Link to’ and ‘Custom URL’ means that you’re turning the image into a clickable link.

For now, you’re making that link your homepage, but, in a moment, you’ll swap it out and change it for a link to your exclusive package itself - but we haven’t uploaded that yet!

Once you’ve entered that URL, make sure that the other box has selected ‘Custom URL’ from the dropdown and have the ‘Alignment’ set to ‘Center’.

That last setting just ensures that when you add the image to your Page, it will be placed in the center.

Once you've checked those boxes, just click ‘Insert into page’.

wordpress image custom url

You’ll be taken back to your Page that you’re building and you’ll see that image be inserted under the text line you added just moments earlier.

Making sure that you are still in ‘Visual mode’ (you are or you wouldn’t see the image!) you can adjust how the text and image look using the simple edit tools above the text box area.

These work very much like any word processor program you’re used to so you can do things like centering the text, making it bold or italic and so on.

As you learn more about using WordPress, you’ll get very familiar with using these tools but, for now just highlight your text line and ‘center’ it using the buttons in the line of tools.

edit wordpress page

It’s a good idea just to click ‘Save Draft’ at this moment as your basic Success Page design is done and next you need to get your exclusive download package uploaded to your band website.

Upload Your Exclusive Package:

Before you can swap out the link on the image you just added to the Success Page, you need to upload the exclusive download package that we talked about at the start of this post.

Hopefully you got together your tracks and some other material (lyric pdf’s, exclusive photos or some video) and zipped it all up into a single file somewhere on your computer!

Now you’ll upload this file to the media library of your band website from where your new fans will be able to download it.

Go to ‘Media’ in the left hand menu and click ‘Add New’ from the pop-out menu.

Then, as with the image upload you just did, click ‘Select Files’, navigate to your computer and find the zip file of your download package.

band website music package upload

Simply click on the location on your computer where you’ve saved your zip file and then click ‘Open’ and the file will be uploaded to your website Media Library.

Once it’s uploaded you’ll see something like the image below where you can see your uploaded file and, on the right hand side, an ‘Edit’ link.

edit uploaded package

Click ‘Edit’ and you’ll got to the screen titled ‘Edit Media’.

All you need to do here is copy the ‘File URL’ of the zip file that you’ve just uploaded.

This URl will then be swapped for the one you temporarily connected to the image on your Success Page.

So, just highlight and copy that URL and close that screen.

copy download package URL

Go back to the screen where you’re editing the Success Page (if you closed that you can get back to it from Pages > All Pages in the left hand menu!)

Now, and this is the only time you will even have to look at code in the whole process of building your band website Squeeze Page system, you need to toggle the tab to view this Page in ‘Text’ view.

Remember, as we said earlier, this view shows you the code that controls how your Page will be designed but you will almost always be working in ‘Visual’ mode.

In ‘Text’ mode, simply find the part of the text where you had entered your home page URL a few steps ago (that is linked to the image you uploaded for your Success Page), highlight it and paste in the link you just copied that is the location of your zip file.

A couple of things to note.

You’ll find the piece of text to replace just to the right of ‘a href=’ and you replace the URL inside the quotation marks - but keep the quotation marks.

You’re end result should look like the screenshot below.

Make sense?

I’m guessing that this is starting to become clearer to you now….

What you’ve just done is replaced the link that is connected to your image on your Success Page with a link to the zip file containing your exclusive package.

That means that when one of your new fans ends up on the Success Page and clicks the image their download of the package will start.

So, now just click ‘Publish’ and your Success Page will be live on your band website.

connecting download button to zip file

It’s worth checking that this works, so just click on the permalink in the top of this screen (open in a new tab) to open your now published Success Page and then click on the image you’ve used to make sure that doing so starts the download.

You can build a more detailed and ‘better looking’ download or Success Page later as your skills with WordPress improve (which they will do rapidly) but this is really all you need at this stage to get you up and running. For now just play around with the text size and bolding or italicising the text, centring it all on the page and maybe adding a few lines about the download under the image, or perhaps adding a line and an image about following you on Facebook or YouTube.

It might also be worth setting this page to be full width if the theme you have chosen allows it so there is no sidebar distraction.

There’s just one more thing you need to do now to ensure that your entire email capture system works smoothly.

Enable Access To Your Success Page

You’ve built your Squeeze Page and Thank You Page using the Coming Soon Pro plugin, and we’ve advised that you should be using this in the ‘Coming Soon’ mode at this stage of your band website build.

You’ll remember from the top of this post that means that your band website is hidden behind a ‘coming soon’ or ‘holding’ page whilst you build out the rest of your site.

The Coming Soon Pro plugin then displays your new Squeeze Page on your home page URL as your ‘coming soon’ page.

In other words, everyone who goes to your site when it has ‘Coming Soon’ enabled will be sent to your Squeeze Page.

That’s great for collecting emails as everyone sees the sign up form and your offer as you beaver away behind the Squeeze Page building the other parts of your band website.

But….. it also means that when they try and access the Success Page you’ve just created after signing up they’d be sent back to the Squeeze Page. (None of this applies when you are logged in and editing your band website - you have access to all pages whether they are published or unpublished - that’s how you can see and test your Success Page!)

So, for all visitors other than yourself, you have to tell Coming Soon Pro to exclude your Success Page so that your new fan can access it.

To do this, whilst you’re testing your Success Page, copy the URL of the Success Page you’ve built.

Then go back to the ‘Settings’ page for Coming Soon Pro.

The easiest way to get back to that is to go to your main WordPress Dashboard and click on ’Settings’ in the left hand menu and then on ‘Coming Soon Pro’ in the pop-out menu.

This is the main Coming Soon Pro settings page where you started the whole Squeeze Page design process.

You’ll remember that right at the start of this tutorial we set the ‘Status’ to ‘Enable Coming Soon Mode’ and that should, for now, stay selected.

In the ‘Advanced Settings’ section of this screen you get to choose exactly which pages on your website display the Coming Soon Pro Squeeze Page.

So, you can have it on every page of your website, on the home page only, or you can add a list of pages that should be excluded or included.

‘Excluding’ a URL (or list of URL’s) will mean that your Squeeze Page overrides and is shown on all pages except those excluded. Whereas ‘Included’ will mean that your Squeeze Page will be on no pages other than the ones you specify to be included.

At this stage, and with the ‘Coming Soon Mode’ enabled, all you want to do is exclude your Success Page from showing the Squeeze Page.

So, scroll down in the Advanced Settings area and select ‘Disable’ next to ’Disable Default Excluded URL’s’.

Then, in the section that controls where your Coming Soon Pro plugin overlays its pages (labelled ‘Include/Exclude URL’s’), you need to click ‘Exclude URL’s’ as the option.

In the text box below, headed ‘Excluded URL’s’, paste in the URL of your Success Page.

Now click ‘Save All Changes’ and you’re done.

That Success Page will now be accessible to all your new fans after they sign up and click the link in the confirmation email that your Aweber account sends them.

coming soon pro settings to exclude url

You’d better test this all out, don’t you think?

Test Your Musician Squeeze Page System

Good news:

You’re basically done.

But, before you unleash your band website and fan email list wizardry on your unsuspecting new fans, you’re going to want to test it, just to make sure it’s all working as it should!

Open your band website home page URL in a new window (and make sure that you’re logged out of your WordPress Dashboard). In other words, make sure you’re seeing your band website exactly as a new fan will.

If everything is working as it should, you’ll see your smart new Squeeze Page.

Enter a first name and email to test it out, and click your ‘Give me the music’ button.

You'll be taken to your Thank You Page, telling you to check your email. (In fact, as we talked about, this is the first time you get to see your Thank You Page as there is no preview of the full page in Coming Soon Pro).

Then go to your email, find the confirmation message that you set up in the last tutorial, click on the confirmation link and you’ll be taken to the Success Page.

Click on the image and make sure that the download of the package works as it should.

testing your musician squeeze page

Great - that should all be working fine.

If there are any issues, just go back through the steps and, if necessary, hit up support at SeedProd who will guide you through, or put your issue in the comments below.

If you’re going to keep the ‘Coming Soon’ mode of Coming Soon Pro enabled, then you’re all set and ready to start sending potential fans to your Squeeze Page to start building your list.

Try sharing the link to your home page on your Facebook Page and Twitter profile and see how your fans react.

Moving Your Musician Squeeze Page To A ‘Free Music’ Page

So far we’ve repeatedly set out that you can build your musician Squeeze Page system and launch it whilst your band website is behind a holding page or ‘coming soon’ page - which becomes the Squeeze Page.

Having that in place means you’ll have time to build out and design the rest of your band website in peace!

But, when you’re ready to launch your full website and to switch off your ‘coming soon’ page, you will still want your Squeeze Page to be there to capture all your fan email addresses.

In fact, you’ll want it to be a prime destination page on your band website and it’ll be the page that you’ll link to from all your social profiles and from all advertising that you’ll run when working to drive discovery of your music.

So, how do you move your Squeeze Page to a ‘Free Music’ page?

It’s simple and you’ve already done all the steps before in this tutorial so you don’t need to learn anything new.

When you’re ready to open your full band website, head back to the main WordPress Dashboard of your band website and make another new Page.

The process is exactly the same as when you created the Success Page.

Go to ‘Pages’ and ‘Add New’ from the pop-out menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Then type into the title box whatever you want your Squeeze Page to be called - generally we go for ‘Free Music’.

Click ‘Save Draft’ and when the page refreshes you’ll see the permalink that has been created - in the case of our example - Once you’ve created this permalink, you can edit it as necessary by clicking the edit button next to it (if for example you want to remove the hyphen or add a number for future versions of your Squeeze Page by adding ‘-1’, ‘-2’, ‘-3’ and so on).

Press ‘Publish’ and this Page will be published.

free music page on band website

You do not need to create any content on the page as you’re about to set Coming Soon Pro to override it - all that will be used is the URL, so it can remain an otherwise blank page.

Copy the URL and then go back to the main settings screen for Coming Soon Pro (left hand menu, ‘Settings’ > ‘Coming Soon Pro’).

You leave the ‘Status’ as ‘Enable Coming Soon Pro’, since as long as you are using Coming Soon Pro for your Squeeze Page it must be enabled.

However, the next change stops it working as a coming soon page or holding page and blocking all your pages (except your Success Page) from being accessed by visitors and, instead, switches it to only be active on one single page - the page to which you’re now going to apply your Squeeze Page.

So, to do that, scroll down to ‘Include/Exclude URL’s’ and select ‘Include URL’s’ instead of ‘Exclude URL’s’ (which is why we explained this earlier…) and paste in the URL of the ‘Free Music page that you just created in the box below, now labelled ‘Include URL’s’.

Click ‘Save Changes’ and that’s it - your Squeeze Page is now only showing on your Free Music page and, as a result, all other pages of your website are now open and accessible to your visitors.

move free music page

Remember, that when you use this Coming Soon Pro plugin to create your musician Squeeze Page system, you need to keep the Coming Soon Pro plugin enabled at all times - but when you are ready to open your site, don’t ‘disable’ the plugin, but rather switch to ‘Include URL’s.

Also, don’t be confused if you look at the blank ‘free music’ page you created whilst logged in to your WordPress Dashboard. You’ll see an empty page, but that’s just because you’re logged in and, of course, your visitors won’t be. They will see the Squeeze Page overlaid by the Plugin.

And lastly, don’t forget to then go and change any links on any social media that point back to your Squeeze Page and make sure that they are pointing to the URL of the Free Music page.

Your Musician Squeeze Page Is Complete!


That’s it - you have now built the entire Squeeze Page system on your band website and you’re all set to start driving potential fans to it and building up your most critical asset - your fan email list.

Well done you!

That felt like a marathon, but will actually take you less than an hour to put it all in place.

We’ve only gone into great depth so that you should be able to understand all the reasons for building your musician Squeeze Page the way that we’ve recommended and also picked up plenty of insight into using your WordPress band website along the way.

You can start sending potential fans to your Squeeze Page right away, but you might want to put the last piece into place - your first autoresponder email.

Set Up Your Fan Welcome Email

In the next post you’ll learn how to start engaging your new fans with the first email in a fan email welcome sequence.

Don’t forget that you can also download the full checklist to keep on hand as you go through all these steps (which also covers the set-up of the email list and squeeze page).

Download the accompanying checklist by clicking below:



With your Squeeze Page in place, you'll be adding fans to your email list in no time.

But in order to engage your new fans and encourage them to stick around you need to create a series of emails that will deepen that relationship.

That's what the next post in this series is all about.

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