You can contact Ian or Amanda using the details below or using the contact form.

We’ll help where we can.

If you want to ask specific advice about an issue however, please do not email us, but leave a comment on a post. This is much more effective for us, you and other users as it makes the suggestions and feedback public and allows others to add their thoughts.

Contact us if you want to contribute to the site, have spotted something wrong or a broken link, or want to discuss hiring us on a one-to-one basis.

We do not generally consult for artists unless they are already actively engaged in ‘direct-to-fan’ activity, or are signed and are seeing good results. This is because we charge a lot for consulting and have very little available time.

We believe that the first step to your music success comes from you honing your craft and talent and starting to promote yourself using the skills that a DIY musician can learn here and on similar sites. You need to do that for yourself (with our guidance and training). If you want to pay us to help you once you are underway, we’ll discuss what we can do for you if you’re ready.

That said, please contact us if you need to.

Our office hours are 9am -6pm UK time and one of us will generally be available. Again, we can’t give specific advice off-hand on the ‘phone – we’d be at it all day!

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