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How the Old Music Business and the New Music Business collide or work together. Technical explanations of the way the Music Business operates and how musicians make money from their art.

Music Industry Agreements – free guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about music industry agreements, all wrapped up in a free pdf. I’d always intended to write something along the lines of this guide, but now there’s really no need as this is great piece of work and does the job as well as I could – probably better. Whether […]

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The Future of Music

Want to know the state of the music industry right now and where it’s headed? Want to know what some of the sharpest marketing minds in the world think are the things that matter in the future of music? If so, I’d take the time to read this presentation from J. Walter Thompson. These people […]

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Music Business PDF – twice!

You need to learn what the music business is all about, right? And you need to learn from people who actually know what they’re talking about? If that’s you, read on. Knowing how the music business works will help you chart your way through it and tell you what you need to learn to promote […]

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Seth Godin on the Future of Music

Just pointing you to something else to check out. Seth Godin is a web leader who talks and writes on all aspects of permission marketing, web 2.0 and god knows what else, but he has a particular interest in the music industry. You may well already have heard of him. He has just given an interview to […]

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The Future of the Music Industry

This is a short post that I could just about have made on Twitter, but I wanted to flesh it out a little. I found this article about the ‘Future of the Music Industry’ by Mike McCready on the Huffington Post. It talks about a possible future model for the music industry (well, at least what was the […]

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