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Make a Living From Your Music – 15 Expert Interviews

I’m being interviewed this week on how you can make a living from your music. You can hear that interview and at least 14 more on the same topic from a range of music industry experts by visiting this site and signing up for the free summit Join the Music Business Summit here, for free. […]

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The Shocking Truth about Making It

What does ‘making it in music mean’ to you and to us? We get daily emails from people that tell us they want to ‘make it’. They fall into several categories. The Musician Classes Many people genuinely fall into a class I’ll call the ‘bewildered’. They may or may not have talent and they may […]

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Do you have any Talent?

And does it matter? Can you learn and practice to become a better musician, songwriter or performer – or are you stuck with the level of innate ability that you were born with? I’m a firm believer in the theory that you can improve through long term concerted effort and practice. Constantly honing your skills […]

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Always On!

My return to the front line of music management and major label artists has given me a number of insights into how things have changed over the last five years. Some of the changes are the same for every artist, from the DIY musician to the global superstar – digital downloads, social media and increased […]

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Music Industry Agreements – free guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about music industry agreements, all wrapped up in a free pdf. I’d always intended to write something along the lines of this guide, but now there’s really no need as this is great piece of work and does the job as well as I could – probably better. Whether […]

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7 steps to break your band in 2012

Another year over and what have you done? That imperfect Lennon quote is the question that every musician will be asking themselves as this year ends and the next starts. If you feel or know that you didn’t achieve what you wanted with your music in the previous year, what are you going to do […]

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