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How to Make Professional Sleeve Artwork in Minutes

Today we’re launching an iPhone and iPad app that we’ve designed and built with an Indie musician and an App developer. It is a simple to use yet very powerful album sleeve design tool that makes creating your digital album artwork quick and easy. It uses templates based on classic album deigns to make the process even easier. Read on!

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Make a Living From Your Music – 15 Expert Interviews

I’m being interviewed this week on how you can make a living from your music. You can hear that interview and at least 14 more on the same topic from a range of music industry experts by visiting this site and signing up for the free summit Join the Music Business Summit here, for free. […]

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7 steps to break your band in 2012

Another year over and what have you done? That imperfect Lennon quote is the question that every musician will be asking themselves as this year ends and the next starts. If you feel or know that you didn’t achieve what you wanted with your music in the previous year, what are you going to do […]

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The DIY musician myth

Can you really make it as a DIY musician? Is the internet really the great leveller that gives every artist an equal chance that you’ve been told it is? I’ve spent years finding undiscovered talent and working with them to get a deal and get their music released. I still do that, but now I […]

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DIY Musician – how Florrie did it

This is a tale of a DIY musician who hasn’t quite made it yet, but  is well on their way. There are lessons that everyone who reads this blog can take from her story so far. This is the sort of post that I’d normally put on our Daily Tips for musicians site – kind […]

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