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The Shocking Truth about Making It

What does ‘making it in music mean’ to you and to us? We get daily emails from people that tell us they want to ‘make it’. They fall into several categories. The Musician Classes Many people genuinely fall into a class I’ll call the ‘bewildered’. They may or may not have talent and they may […]

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Do you have any Talent?

And does it matter? Can you learn and practice to become a better musician, songwriter or performer – or are you stuck with the level of innate ability that you were born with? I’m a firm believer in the theory that you can improve through long term concerted effort and practice. Constantly honing your skills […]

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Always On!

My return to the front line of music management and major label artists has given me a number of insights into how things have changed over the last five years. Some of the changes are the same for every artist, from the DIY musician to the global superstar – digital downloads, social media and increased […]

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Never Give Up

I’m not a Michael Bublé fan. It doesn’t matter though, because he is an example of effort and application that you can follow regardless of what you think of his music. Nonetheless, I have enormous respect for what he’s achieved and how he kept going to get to where he is today. He never gave […]

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Is my music good enough?

“How do I get noticed?” We get asked that…. a lot. People approach us all the time – both as a result of writing the posts on this site and in our day jobs as managers and consultants. And then, about half of the people who ask that, follow up with a second question. “Is […]

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Professional Recording – why great recordings matter

This is a second guest post from the very knowledgeable Nick Lewis. Nick is MD of online mastering studio Brighton Mastering. It’s easy to hear stories about Michelle Shocked being discovered thanks to a warped dictaphone recording and Justin Bieber’s YouTube genesis and think that your music will shine through even the most woeful of […]

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