Facebook Just Screwed You – Again

by Ian on April 30, 2014

facebook reach down Facebook Just Screwed You   AgainSo, Facebook has now decided that all those fans you took years getting to ‘like’ your Fan Page for your music don’t really want to hear from you.

They don’t care that you’ve paid them to get all those likes either!

Despite the fact that Facebook have happily pointed out for years that all businesses and brands, and therefore musicians, will benefit from having a strong following on Facebook, they’ve now taken away your ability to communicate with them for free.

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Uprising Artworksq Unsigned in the UK? A National Tour OpportunityWe don’t usually post this kind of thing as there always seem to be an endless stream of ‘Battle of the Bands’ in every corner of the world.

But, we’ve got behind this one as it’s a little different – The UK Uprising Tour.

A chance for a UK act to do a tour of the crucial small venue circuit that pretty much every band that makes it will have done.

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make a living from music 300x186 Make a Living From Your Music   15 Expert InterviewsI’m being interviewed this week on how you can make a living from your music.

You can hear that interview and at least 14 more on the same topic from a range of music industry experts by visiting this site and signing up for the free summit

Join the Music Business Summit here, for free.

And, the summit has already started so the first few interviews are already there for you to listen to.

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prospect list music 300x198 How to Build a Prospect List (Like a Marketer)This is a guest post. Vincent Clarke is a singer/songwriter and Content Marketing Specialist for USB Memory Direct.

Granting a licence for the use of your music to media outlets is a great way to generate significant revenue and help give your career a boost.

Films, TV shows, video games and advertisement agencies are always looking for new music to use throughout their content.

They need the perfect tune to set the mood for their piece, and since buying songs from famous pop stars like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga would cost a fortune, it’s often a far better idea for them to reach out to indie or even DIY artists and to small indie labels in the search for the music they need.

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The Shocking Truth about Making It

by Ian on April 30, 2013

 The Shocking Truth about Making ItWhat does ‘making it in music mean’ to you and to us?

We get daily emails from people that tell us they want to ‘make it’.

They fall into several categories.

The Musician Classes

Many people genuinely fall into a class I’ll call the ‘bewildered’. They may or may not have talent and they may be prepared to put in the years required to hone it and promote it. But, either because the landscape of the industry is so rapidly changing around them or because they somehow don’t feel they fit the modern music industry paradigm (genre, age, material all being cited), they simply don’t know how to go about realising their dreams.

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Put all Your Music on YouTube!

by Ian on March 31, 2013

youtube playbook music guide Put all Your Music on YouTube!Now that the latest YouTube changes are in effect and every musician can have a channel that resembles those of the hallowed ‘Partner Channels’, it is time for every musician to create a channel and to post all their music to it.

And I don’t really want to debate it.

We touched on this in the last post and I don’t have a great deal more to say as justification, but I’ll try.

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